But I Need Money To Make Money

Have you heard this? & More importantly do you believe this?

Yes, it is, true if you are going to open a franchise or buy into a business you need start-up capital.

  1. Let’s first talk about letting excuses derail you….
    1. One of the biggest frustrations I have is letting others make excuses for you. Just because someone else said it won’t work or didn’t work for them does not mean it won’t work.
    1. Evaluate the excuses and handicaps you put on yourself.
      1. Where are they actually originating from?
      1. An Assumption?
      1. A Fear?
      1. A reality?
  2. Earn the Money
    1. Look Up Guy who turned 0 into $10,000
    1. Side Hustles for Your Main Side Hustle
      1. There have never been more opportunities to do this
    1. Save Money or Change Your Spending Habits
    1. Build One Client or Customer at a time
  3. Focus on growing one thing at a time
    1. This can sound counterintuitive if you are using side hustles to earn money for your main side hustle but if you are driving for Uber all this does is take time away from your side hustle, not necessarily the creative energy. If you have promised to upload one video a week you are then interrupted because you have a new idea to start XYZ.
  4. You likely need less money to start than you think you do. Take some time and figure out what you can do to start. I can think of so many businesses that you can really start with absolutely NO money. If you need help brainstorming – comment below!!!