How Long Should You Stick With It???

How long should you stick to something? Is it 3 Years and the 3 Year Rule or 5 or 1 year? If I had set this goal and timeline years ago, I would be farther than I am today. I might have chosen to stick with it. DON’T miss this video and encouragement! If you need help reach out in the comments below. Just do it. I know you’ve had an idea rattling around in your head. And seriously if you want to brainstorm next steps REACH OUT!

3 Years is a short time! In this episode, I’m sharing a goal-setting time period that I have seen proven over and over again. Answering the question once and for all: How long should you stick with something? Or keep at it for. For those that would love a resource CHECK THIS OUT!

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  • Atomic Habits by Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by Avery: