Why You Keep Failing

Why Do People Fail?

  • Do you have a habit of starting things and leaving them unfinished? I have been a chronic serial starter and I finally figured out why! Let’s get into it!
  • I have tried Ecommerce, Selling on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Bonanza. I almost started a dog training business, a thrift store, and a tax business. I am also sure there have been other attempts I have not listed. I have tried and started so many things and have a list of ideas that stretch a mile long. Thankfully I have a VERY supportive husband, but he also has this problem.
  • I was on the phone having this discussion with a family member and asked: “How do others do it?”
  • Guys- I had been ‘trying’ to get a side hustle really up and going for now 7 years! And I was falling for ALL of the excuses.
  • No Money
  • No Time
  • Not My PASSION
  • Not For Me
  • Too Much Competition
  • I Need A Buddy (I’m a twin)

I got off the phone and continued to ask. Why aren’t these things working? And began to look for a common thread. It took me less than a week and I finally figured it out! After 7 Years It took me less than 7 days to come up with a solution.

I had never completed the plan! Wait, what? No seriously. It was THAT simple.

Step back and think about the items you started and have left unfinished.

Did you have a plan?       Or Just get started?

If you had a plan did the plan outline the end goal?

Was the plan a course?

For instance, if you wanted to start a blog and you bought a course did you complete all of the steps? Really? Did you?

If you wanted to start a Youtube Channel did you upload consistently?

Guys, you won’t believe how many people go to start a Youtube Channel and 6 months later look back and give up because nothing happened. Would you believe that they only uploaded 3 videos and had no Thumbnail?

This is NOT Common sense – It should be. But it wasn’t for me.

If I look at absolutely everything I’ve ever tried and have failed at it’s because I didn’t keep the plan 100%. This means if I completed steps 1 & 2, got to step 3, got stuck, I may not have sought help and gave up, it just wasn’t for me!

Guys this seems so basic but I started to do some research and found time and time again, video after video this WAS the answer. AND this applied across industries and platforms.

  • Small businesses
  • Ecommerce
  • MLM
  • Youtube
  • Day Trading
  • Certifications
  • Promotions

Now that we have identified the problem – What do we do now…

Create a plan, find a plan, and stick to it! There may be some divergence here and there but for instance, if you are starting a blog and your plan tells you to join 100 group boards. Don’t join 70 and think you are done!

I know these feels very basic but there are some many opportunities RIGHT NOW for entrepreneurs but it looks like overalls not luxury!